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Warehouse Management

Efficiently manage your warehouses, optimizing operations and enhancing the management of your most valuable assets within your business. Our warehouse management software simplifies critical elements like inventory control, stock tracking, and supply chain management, offering both flexibility and scalability. Tailored solutions adapted to your specific needs ensure a smooth and efficient warehouse management experience.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Maximize customer satisfaction and contribute to the growth of your business with comprehensive CRM solutions. Our customer relationship management software centralizes customer data, monitors sales team performance, and effectively manages the sales cycle. Our customizable and flexible solutions empower you to create the most fitting CRM strategy for your business, fostering deeper and more satisfying relationships with your customers.

B2B Platform Integration

Enhance efficiency in your relationships with business partners and smartly manage B2B transactions with our specialized integration solutions. Our B2B platform integration software ensures seamless operation across different platforms, facilitates data exchange, and strengthens collaborations. Tailored solutions catering to your specific needs optimize interactions with business partners, expedite business processes, and provide a competitive edge.

Sales and Order Management

Empower your sales processes, streamline order management, and contribute to the growth of your business with a comprehensive sales management platform. Our sales and order management software enhances sales team performance, enables rapid response to customer demands, and maximizes your business's sales potential. Customizable solutions tailored to various needs and industries support your business growth by providing adaptable solutions.

HR: Human Resources Module

The HR module streamlines human resources management for companies. It integrates various functions such as recruitment processes, performance evaluations, training tracking, and personnel data management into one unified platform.

Production: Production Management Module

Our ERP system's production management module provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring production processes, increasing efficiency, and ensuring quality control. It encompasses key functions like inventory tracking, order management, and production planning.

Finance: Financial Management and Accounting Module

This module integrates financial processes such as accounting, financial reporting, budget management, and tax handling, allowing companies to monitor and manage their financial status effectively.

Reports: Data Analysis and Reporting Module

The data analysis and reporting module assist businesses in transforming their data into meaningful insights. With customizable reports and analysis tools, businesses derive data-driven insights for making strategic decisions.

Supporting Mobile Apps: Flexible Mobile Applications in Our ERP System

Our ERP system offers flexible and user-friendly mobile applications, empowering users to efficiently manage their tasks on mobile devices. These applications enhance workforce accessibility and productivity while on the move.


Projects we provide service for

Full Circle PMO, Test Management. Frontend/ Backend, Design and Font Design Development.



Omnichannel SAP CAR Project, Full Circle Project management, Test management, Development, Consulting, POS integration with Poresy GmbH

Heinemann / Unifree INA

Istanbul New Airport

Omnichannel SAP CAR Project, Full Circle Project management, Test management, Development, Consulting, POS integration with Poresy GmbH

Realcore Omnishore


Quality Test management, SAP Omnichannel Landscape



Platform HANA based and NonSAP Consultant as a Service

Realcore Group

Essen - Germany

Omnichannel Project - Full Circle, Project managent, Development, Consulting POS integration with Poresy GmnH



Customer Tracking with SAP CAR integration. IoT Project

SAP Forum

Mainz / Germany

Customer Tracking with SAP CAR integration. IoT Project


Düsseldorf / Germany

Customer Cookie is our own product for tracking people or items by using WiFi and Bluetooth technology



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