The world's first app that takes your budget and your individual hotel wishes into account. Whether luxurious or cheap, this APP offers the best hotel and motel prices dependent on your budget. Only this app takes your budget into account with no hidden surcharges. HaM - Hotel and Motels combines everything in one App and the best part is: The best hotels and motels compete for you. Your budget constraints determine the price and the hotels and motels can adjust their prices to meet your requirements in order to win you as a guest and allow you a memorable stay. Once you have sent your reservation request, this will appear at the hotel’s and motel’s reception desk. Once a hotel or motel agrees with your price expectations and budgets you will receive a notification. Afterwards you need to submit your contact information. Immediately the Receptionist calls you for any further details, e.g. a pick-up, check-in time, etc.. There is no guarantee that your budget offering will be accepted by any hotel or motel. Nevertheless, the probability of being contacted is still high because an empty room is no value-add for any hotel or motel. Patience and a realistic price range increase the likelihood that you will receive a room of your choice and thus a memorable and enjoyable stay.